My name is Amanda Seabert. I am passionate about construction, real estate, and property management. I want to share my knowledge of the industry to all stakeholders including purchasers, renters, contractors, property managers, investors, and more so they may be successful by making informative decisions.
I have my B.S. in Accounting from the University of Reno, Nevada and am currently working at J.A. Solari and Partners, LLC as a staff accountant as well attending the Masters in Business Administration program at UNR. At J.A. Solari and Partners, I prepare taxes and financial statements. I also provide accounting services including setting up new companies and helping them structure their accounting procedures. Many of the clients I work with are in the construction, real estate, and property management industry. This allows me to gain a broad knowledge of the industry from many different clients. Before working for J.A. Solari and Partners, I worked as a staff accountant for Tanamera Construction, LLC, a general contractor. There, I gained knowledge on the accounting, legal, and basic management aspects of construction.
My purpose is to share the information I have gained to all individuals and entities in this industry. Enabling people to make informed decisions will help transactions and projects go smoothly, allowing everyone to succeed.


Welcome to my blog! My name is Amanda Seabert-Arguello. I am an accounting professional with a passion for construction, property management, and real estate. I want to share my knowledge about the industry with all stakeholders so that everyone is able to make informed decisions.