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Construction is not just about creating buildings; it’s about creating a community. A successful community will create connection between people. It should have a vibrant feeling to it, yet still feel like someone’s home. Below are a few tips that will help create a great community that will allow the residence to feel connected and happy.

Create Public Places

There should be public places in a central point in the community where people will be attracted to. This could include parks, waterfront properties, and plazas. These spaces help people decompress and relax while staying connected to the community. They are key to create a livable and healthy neighborhood or workplace. When many people are condensed into a small space, these public places allow for residents enjoy the outdoors and find a quiet place to be.


In order for urban communities to be successful, increased mobility is key. This includes creating well organized public transportation as well as allowing for walking and biking. These communities can have streets or paths just for walking or cycling, allowing for easier mobility. These paths encourage people to walk and create happier pedestrians. In order to encourage people to walk, neighborhoods should be no more than ten walking minutes from workplaces or retail. Keeping these communities pedestrian centered will help key for their successful.

Social Communities

The more people within an urban community, the more likely the community will be socially vibrant. Having a constant bustle of people will create an exciting tone for a community. Keeping all activities close together will allow for more connection and a higher chance for social participation. Adding small, local retail shops will also create a type of close-knit feeling and will set the tone of the community. Choosing the right tenants for retail and workplaces will set the tone for the community.

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