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When property managers introduce new tenants to their rental home, they usually do not take the time to teach their tenants about the necessary items of the home, which help reduce risks to the property. The property manager typically treats the tenant as though they have no responsibility for the property, which leads the tenant to believe the same. When introducing the tenant to the home, the landlord should show them the basic items of the property that any home owner would know. These items would save the property manager time and money while avoiding future problems.

Emergency Shut Offs

Most home owners know or should know where all of their emergency shut offs are in their home. However, many tenants do not know this essential item. A property manager should first teach their new tenant about their emergency water shutoff. If a plumbing problem occurs and the tenant does not know how to stop the problem immediately, the home could be greatly damaged. Secondly, the tenant should know where to find the electrical box. The property manager should clearly label the box and show the tenant the location and how to reset the breaker. Lastly, the tenant should know how to shut off the gas. If the home has a gas leak, the tenants should leave immediately. However, in some instances the tenant may be able to shut off the gas before evacuating the home.

Additional Alarms

Certain homes may have additional alarms placed in the home such as a water alarm. Every tenant must know what it is and what to do if it goes off. If tenants understand what to do when these alarms are set off, they are more likely to act more quickly and decrease the damage to the home. Any home owner would know what their alarms were for so teaching the tenant what they are should be a priority as well.

Home owners tend to know much more about their house than tenants. Property managers who do not educate their tenants to these items open themselves up to risks. Comment below with other items to teach a tenant about the home and follow me on twitter!


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  • Harman

    This is a great idea for all property managers to practice. I recall my girlfriends appartment getting flooded last summer when her washer went nuts but she had no clue how to close the water. Had she known it could have save the complex a lot of money.

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