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Technology has drastically changed the way many industries do their businesses from keeping records, communicating within the company, and interacting with all outside contacts from vendors to customers. Using technology correctly can dramatically reduce prices while also increasing efficiency. Construction has followed the technology trend by implementing it in the following processes. Every construction company must make sure they are continually updating their systems in order to stay competitive within their industries.

Construction Plans

Currently, many, if not all, architects use some sort of software or program to create their designs and plans. However, contractors are continually printing these plans on large, expensive printers typically many times during a project as changes are made. Some contractors have started to use iPads or tablets in order to look at their plans. However, if contractors want to be more efficient, they must start looking at new ways to continually have updated plans without the cost and time of printing them out. There are new devices that are starting to be developed such as PaperLight, which allows real time collaboration with continually updated and correct plans. Markups and changes can be proposed within the program and easy access to the new plans can be sent to a colleague instantly.


Many supervisors now have company cell phones in order to continually collaborate with all parties involved in a project. However, if these cell phones are smart phones, they can also be used as a time card. Many payroll companies are now offering apps that allows employees to clock in at certain locations, enter in what project they are working on, and write notes about what they have done at that project. These projects can be allocated out by the payroll company for easier job costing. There are also other apps that allow for employees to more easily track mileage for reimbursement. The employee can download the app, turn on the mileage tracking when traveling for work, and turn it off when they are finished. At any point in time, such as the end of the month, the employee can create a report from the app showing locations and distances traveled for work purposes.

There are many other new programs and devices that contractors can take advantage of in order to keep up in the quickly changing technology world. Comment below with new programs or devices that you think would be useful and follow me on twitter!


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