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There are many reasons home owners decide to get a valuation done on their home. They may be refinancing, selling the home, or using it as collateral for something. In all instances, getting a higher valuation is extremely important. Below are a few tips that will help the home owner get the most out of their valuation.

Know the Neighborhood

The location and neighborhood of the home makes a significant difference in its valuation. The home owner should make sure the appraiser knows if the home is in a good school district or what other homes have sold for in the neighborhood. If there are any aspects of the neighborhood or location that will help increase the value of the home, it would be best to make sure the appraiser knows about them.

Clean Up

The appraiser is not in the home for very long so the home owner should make sure that there is no clutter in the house. They should also clean it thoroughly to show that they have been taking care of the home. The exterior of the home should also be neat and clean. If the appraisal occurs during the summer, the home owner should make sure all the plants are trimmed, grass is cut, and weeds are managed. A well taken care of back yard will greatly increase the value of the home. If the appraisal is happening in the winter, the home owner should shovel any snow and make sure nothing unsightly is showing in the backyard.

Know the Market

The home owner should be prepared with comparable homes that have sold in the market. The appraiser will not be able to know what condition those homes were in so the home owner should be ready with a detailed explanation of the home with any pictures if available. If any homes in the market sold for below market value, the home owner should try to find out what caused the difference in order to offer a reasonable explanation to the appraiser.

Getting the home ready and being prepared for an appraisal is key to get the valuation the home owner wants. Comment below with your tips and follow me on twitter!


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