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Vacation homes can be a good investment for the home owner, especially if they decide to rent it out when they are not using it. Vacation homes tend to rent out at a higher rate than a normal home. However, keeping it occupied is key in order to make it profitable. Vacation homes typically have new renters almost every week, creating a need for continual new or returning customers. This is where marketing for a vacation home becomes much more important than any other rental.

Join Vacation Home Websites

Getting on websites will be key to driving traffic to a home owner’s vacation home. It is best to place the vacation home on as many vacation home websites as possible. The more places it is on the internet, the more people will see it. After the vacation home is on many frequently visited websites, the home owner must continue to check new websites that come up since sites can change drastically in a short period of time.

Market the Location

One of the largest reasons traveler’s vacation is the location. The home owner must advertise where their vacation home is located such as if it is near a town, by a beach, near restaurants, has a view, or is secluded. Vacationers want to know what they can do at the vacation home and will choose primarily off of location.


The more a prospective renter knows about the vacation home, the more confident they will feel in their choice to rent. Many pictures will help them get a full understanding of the look of the home. Details on bedrooms, bathrooms, amenities, home size, televisions, fireplaces, game rooms and many more will get the renter a better picture of what they are getting in the home.

It is imperative to market a vacation home through many websites. Although the home owner will market in many places, quality is still as important as quantity. The home owner must make sure they are giving their prospective renter a clear picture of what they are purchasing in order to allow them to feel confident enough to book their vacation at the home. Comment below with your marketing tips and follow me on twitter!


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