Lean Construction


Lean Construction is becoming the new method that many contractors are using. Lean construction maximizes value and minimizes waste. It is centered around efficiencies and can be a great skill to know as a contractor.

Minimize Waste

There are many types of waste during a construction project beyond excess material. This includes defects, overproduction, wasted time, or not correctly using employees. Contractors must constantly work to minimize this waste in order to have a productive project. Planning is key to save in these areas and create better efficiency. Contractors can also take a look at their overhead to see if they can allocate any to job costs in order to gain a better understanding of how much they may be wasting on overhead costs as well.

Maximize Value

Contractors can get a better value out of their project by maximizing efficiency and making sure they do not sacrifice quality for low cost. Efficiency is key in order to keep the value of a project high but keep excess waste low. Contractors must make sure that every input is being used in the optimal place to increase the value of the project that much more.


Many contractors that have started lean construction have decreased costs, increased value and therefore increased profits. Lean construction efficiency gains in scheduling will also allow contractors to win more bids. Adopting lead construction can be challenging and communicating with employees is key to make sure that everyone in the company is on board with the large change. Constant collaboration will help companies shift more easily to a more efficient working environment. Contractors must make sure that all employees are dedicated to lean construction along with the company being completely dedicated as well.

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