To Professionally Handle Renter Complaints


Property managers may hear complaints from their tenants throughout the course of the term of the lease or rental agreement. They must handle these complaints professionally in order to keep tenants happy as well as keep the relationship between the renter and property manager on good terms. It is key to make sure the tenant feels that their complaint is important to their landlord and will be handles accordingly. Below are tips to help make sure these issues are handles so that all parties are satisfied.


A common problem property managers have when handling complaints is not documenting the issue immediately and appropriately. It is best to have forms to fill out for tenants as well as employees who are handling the issue. This form should include dates, all details, and who was involved. If a complaint is not documented appropriately, the issue could be misinterpreted, not handled in a timely manner, or even forgotten, making a tenant irritated with the situation.

Legitimacy and Importance

The property manger must first assess the legitimacy of the complaint and should investigate to determine the fact. They should then assess the level of importance and address these issues in the proper order. If a complaint needs immediate attention, the level of important would increase for that complaint and should be handled in accordance with that importance.


Property managers must quickly address all complaints or let tenants know what is being done to handle the issue. A small complaint about a slight issue with the property can evolve to a large complaint about the ability of their landlord to respond to their tenants. Making sure tenants know that their issue is being handled is key to keep renters satisfied. Property managers should also provide a written response to the tenant addressing the issue and the solutions. This allows property managers to have documentation and clarification with the tenant stating that they addressed the complaint and in a timely manner.

With the above steps, property managers can assure their tenants feel satisfied that their complaints have been addressed appropriately and to their satisfaction. This will lead to good relationships with tenants for the term of their lease as well as future recommendations for other possible tenants. Please comment below with your tips on handling complaints and follow me on twitter.


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