Reno/Sparks Southeast Connector Leads to Changes


The Southeast Connector is a five and a half mile road with seven bridges, two signalized intersections, and a multi-use path connecting Sparks to South Reno. The new road will ease traffic on busy sections of the US 395/I-580 freeway and Southeast McCarran. This long-awaited new major artery will benefit the Reno economy and shape the way Reno spreads and grows as a city.

Reno/Sparks Southeast Connection Map

Reno/Sparks Southeast Connection Map – Photo Credit

The new Southeast Connector will be called Veterans Parkway and in order to keep traffic flowing smoothly on the new road, it will include three lanes in each direction.  Plans include a speed limit of 45 MPH with only two signalized intersections. This will allow traffic to flow more easily and decrease the number of intersections holding up traffic. For safety purposes, there will also be wide shoulders, a full median, turn lanes at intersections, and a separation of the pathway from the road. The project was originally scheduled to be completed in 2016, but is now scheduled to be completed in late 2017.

This project has and will impact Reno in many ways. It has not only created additional construction jobs, but it also has the potential to change the way Reno will grow. With easier access to both Sparks and South Reno, these areas will likely see an increase both residential and commercial construction activities. Traffic and congestion issues that may have dissuaded residents from purchasing or renting homes in certain areas should be less of an issue.  The Regional Transportations Commission is also researching ways to provide transit service along the new roadway, further increasing the potential for accelerated growth in the benefitted areas. With constant change and continual construction, Reno has and will continue to grow both physically and economically.

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  • Brent

    I will definitely be using it! The SEC is a great engineering accomplishment by RTC and their associates. They are actually increasing the total amount of wetlands, increasing flood plain capacity and containing the Mercury so it doesn’t travel. Pretty cool

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